Toby earns his Trailing 1 !!

We did not get any photos of his Trailing certification area:-( This was a practice track for Toby when he was 2. This track was across a beautiful landscape as well.

Toby and Clarissa earned their Search and Rescue Trailing 1 certification at the tri-state certification weekend in West Yellowstone!Toby ran the track in what is truly his style. Brisk paced, consistent, with super accuracy. The trailing 1 test is 1 mile long and has been aged a minimum of 4 hours. It has a contaminated start (two people leave from the start) and a fresh cross track set one hour before running time along with a road crossing. This is of course set across the changing terrain in the landscape. We are super happy with our guy and look forward to the next levels of training in store.

Another practice photo to share:-)

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