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Toby earns his Trailing 1 !!

We did not get any photos of his Trailing certification area:-( This was a practice track for Toby when he was 2. This track was across a beautiful landscape as well.

Toby and Clarissa earned their Search and Rescue Trailing 1 certification at the tri-state certification weekend in West Yellowstone!Toby ran the track in what is truly his style. Brisk paced, consistent, with super accuracy. The trailing 1 test is 1 mile long and has been aged a minimum of 4 hours. It has a contaminated start (two people leave from the start) and a fresh cross track set one hour before running time along with a road crossing. This is of course set across the changing terrain in the landscape. We are super happy with our guy and look forward to the next levels of training in store.

Another practice photo to share:-)

Cadaver 2 !!

Big Congratulations to Ryan and Heidi for Passing their cadaver 2 test! They are a great team together and will now head to use their skills out on calls! Heidi smoked her test clearing both her areas in just over 30 min. The time allowed for the whole test is an hour! Good job guys!!

Our AKC tracking test in Washington!

Charlotte with her AKC tracking judges after passing her TD track!

Well, it was quite a drive and took some work but we entered 4 dogs into the AKC tracking test at the Wenatchee kennel club and passed all! Heidi, Charlotte, and Ioshi earned their TD (tracking dog) titles and Toby earned his TDX (tracking dog excellent)!! The pass rate for the TD test is about 50% and only 20% for the TDX.  We are very happy with our dogs, they each worked every test with a strong focus on the track and reliable indication.

The Wentachee Kennel club was great! They were very good hosts that put on a very smooth running test. We would like to send them a big thanks for hosting this event!

Wrapping up September on a very good note!

This September we participated in our schutzhund club trial and were able to earn titles on several dogs!
Toby earned his FH
Charlotte earned her BH and TR1
Heidi earned her BH and TR1
Ioshi earned her BH!!!!

Later in September we participated in an AKC tracking test and Toby and Nika earned their AKC tracking dog (TD) titles!!!

We would like to send a big thank you to the members of the Big Sky Schutzhund club for training with us and helping with our new son. We could not have been able to accomplish these goals without you guys;-)