Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain; H.O.T BH, TR1, IPO1, TD

Charlotte profile

Preliminary OFA: Hips: Good, Elbows: normal, PennHIP: 90th percentile Right DI: .29 and Left DI: .28
OFA Eyes: Clear, DM: Clear

World Qualifier in Dock Dogs –¬†Charlotte jumped at the Big Sky national Dock Dogs and qualified for worlds in the Junior category. *This was her first day of dock jumping*

Titled: BH, TR1, IPO1 (high in trial: 94,87,94), TD

Charlotte is H.O.T – handler, owner, trained by Clarissa Negaard.

Charlotte is a very sweet female that is comfortable in all environments. She is very confident and non-confrontational with other dogs and is good around people. Charlotte is currently in training for Schutzhund and has shown good potential. She is very confident in all aspects of training and can transition easily between them. She is very happy in obedience and tracking and has a very full calm bite during protection. Charlotte is very stable and forward moving in protection.

Charlotte is a littermate to the following dogs:
Cinder of Sapphire Mountain: Titled- NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ
Cato of Sapphire Moutain: CGC, In training for Search and Rescue New York, received his IPWDA Human Remains Land certification in Rhode Island, OFA: Fair/normal

Charlotte’s pedigree table 1

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