Heidi Errinor: H.O.T SAR Cadaver 2, BH, TR1, IPO1, TD


OFA Preliminary: Hips/Elbows: Fair/Normal, PennHIP: Right DI: .38 and Left DI: .28 (PennHIP no longer gives percentiles. The breed average DI is .42, meaning Heidi’s DI measurements put her in the tighter half of the breed.)
OFA Eyes: Clear

DM: N/n

Certified: Cadaver 2 under Tri-state standards (Includes Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah)
Titled: BH, TR1, IPO1, TD

Heidi is H.O.T – handler, owner, trained by Ryan Waters.

Heidi is a very sweet girl with a lot of spunk. She was imported from the Errinor kennel in the Czech Republic when she was a pup. Heidi came off the plane ready to work. She has picked up on any and all training given. We are very lucky to have this female.

Heidi has completed her cadaver certifications and has started training in area searches. During the winter we will continue with her avalanche training. Heidi has a lot of endurance and energy and she puts her all into work, play, or whatever you ask of her. She will train for praise, food, or toy but loves anything that might be thrown or tugged with.

Heidi’s dam is Quella ze stribrneho kamene who was a very accomplished female from a litter of 5 who all recieved clear hips and 4 recieving working titles, with 3 recieving their level 3 IPO titles. Quella herself competed at nationals placing very well as the number 1 alternate for the WUSV team. Quella was also a very good mom to her pups. An all around great female.
Art z lipin kennel

SG Quella ze stribrneho kamene: ZVV1,IPO3,SCHH3, (2XMM CKNO, 2X REZ. CACT)
Kkl 2

Heidi’s sire is Kato Aritar Bastet who is also a very accomplished dog. By the age of 3 Kato participated in both FCI and WUSV competitions. Kato was the 2013 Czech national champion and the 2012 vice champion.
Kato’s trainer

Kato Aritar Bastet: BH, IPO 3, FCI IPO 2013, WUSV 2013, Kkl 1

Heidi’s littermates: Hannah Errinor– BH, IPO1, Hips/elbows 0/0

Heidi’s Pedigree

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