Our B-litter is in there new homes and off to great things! We wish them luck on their journeys. This litter is with our  Toby and Charlotte and has shown great potential. They are beautiful pups, with great character.  This litter has been placed in homes for family, tracking, search and rescue, and schutzhund.

The females:

Brooke- loving family member training in tracking and obedience.

Brandy- being prepared for IPO sport.

B’Tova – a loving family member:-), Training in obedience and tracking.

The males:

Bastian- Training in nose works and obedience. Preliminary OFA: Hips-Good, Elbows: Normal, PennHIP: Right.26 and Left.26, rates in the top %10 for the breed. 

Bard (aka. Rhodey) – Titled:  ORT   Also, training in therapy and obedience.  Preliminary OFA: Hips-Fair, Elbows: Normal, PennHIP Right.33 and Left.36

Rhodey 6 months

Beorn- Titled: BH, Health Preliminary OFA: Hips-Excellent, Elbows-Normal, PennHIP: right.24 and left.25 rates in the top %5 for the breed

B’koda – family member and loving shop dog on main street Livingston.

Koda 6 months

Balin – Certified explosives detection dog.11 months