Nika z vodnanske doliny H.O.T – BH, TD


 Nika is owned and handled by my mom, Donna Negaard. They are very good team and are learning a lot together!
OFA: Hips/Elbows – Good/Normal
OFA Eyes: Clear, DM: Clear

Titled:  AKC – TD (Tracking Dog), IPO – BH

Nika is a very nice female with strong build and beautiful dark sable color. She is training in IPO. She is very attentive in obedience and very thorough in tracking. She loves the bite work. She has been very healthy and comes from a litter of 4 with two other siblings already passing 0/0 hip ratings! One of these siblings is utilized by the police in the Czech Republic. All other litters from Nika’s dam that have been rated have also had a perfect hip rating with very strong athletic builds and very good work abilities.

Nika’s dam: VD,5KY1/P,2tř. Fellis z Vodnanske doliny – BH, IPO 2, ZVV 1 HD: 0/0
Fellis is a brood for the vodnanske doliny kennel in the Czech Republic. Fellis was bred, handled, and titled by her kennel owner and produced very nice offspring. Fellis is a daughter of 2*ÚMM ČKNO, ÚM ČR, ÚM MSKS Chris z Vetrneho vrchu 5VQ1/P, IPO3, SCHH3, SCHH-A.

Nika’s sire: SG Filip z Klidkova dvora IPO 3, Kkl 1 Hips: a1, elbows: normal
Filip is linebred 3-3 SG Olex de Valsory 4X BSP, 3X LGA, 3X LG-FCI-Q, SCHH3, IPO3. Filip is from a long line of BSP and LGA competitors. Filip himself participated in the following; VS IPO3 2014 and 2015, Czech IPO3 2014, MM ČKNO 2014 and 2015

Nika’s Siblings:
SG Nice z Vodnanske doliny – ZVV1, BH, Hips/Elbows – 0/0
Male z Vodnanske doliny – Police Service Dog for the Czech Republic Hips/Elbows – 0/0

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